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Geoprobe/Direct Push

The availability of multiple types of direct-push capable rigs helps us utilize the right type of rig for your project – whether you are inside or outside, on pavement or off-road.

Genuine Geoprobe® power and our fleet of combination rigs give Parratt-Wolff the flexibility to drill with several different methods, all in one mobilization, without delays and under one contract. Our 4-wheel drive tractor-mounted rigs are small enough to fit in constricted areas. Their tight turning radius makes them the ideal rigs for indoor work where access is limited. A recent addition, our Geoprobe® 6620 and 7822 rigs are routinely used to advance a wide variety of direct push tooling, but also allow for the optional use of hollow stem augers.

Soil samples are typically collected with conventional 2-inch diameter split-spoons (with or without liners). Should field conditions prevent us from using conventional split-spoons, Geoprobe’s Large Bore, Macro-Core or DT-22 soil samplers can be used to collect soil samples up to 4 foot long.

Groundwater samples can be collected from either discrete intervals or from temporary wells. For discrete sampling, Parratt-Wolff uses either the HydroPunch II sampler or Geoprobe’s Screen Point 15 or Geoprobe’s Screen Point 22 discrete sampler. As an alternative, various diameter temporary wells, including Geoprobe’s Mill Slotted Well Point can be installed. Parratt-Wolff can also install micro wells with a sand pack and seal.

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